Photo slideshow and quotes from April 22 softball game between Charlotte and St. Bonaventure

Mike Threehouse, head coach, on the team’s performance

“In a season we’re not going to make the A-10 Championships, they could’ve easily looked at it and said, ‘Hey, Easter’s coming.’ But they didn’t. They lost a 1-0 game we could’ve won and they came back and won a 6-3 game.”

Jen Sansano, freshmen pitcher, on sitting out after a one-run, six-hit, four-strikeout performance

“Of course I want to be playing, but I had to be there for my teammates. So cheering on, supporting them, staying in the game isn’t hard thing to do.”

Maureen Wells, senior first baseman, on playing her last, first home game

“I have five games left. It was nice to be home, but at the same time, it was an eye opener. I really only have seven games left in my career.”

Diana Phalon, junior pitcher, on Coach Threehouse giving her the start in game 2

“I know that Coach has the upmost confidence in every single one of his players, so I just knew, you know, just go out there and throw my game and the hitters will find it and we’ll come with a win.”

For complete recap, go to Photos by Tony Lee, @sHecKii.


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