Bona’s students attended Brown and White Night to kick off the 2012/2013 basketball season.


Quote-able moments

Question one: Why did you come tonight?

“It is my last year at Bona’s, and I want to support the basketball teams as much as possible!” ~Kaleigh Drew, senior elementary and special education major

“It’s my last pep rally … it’s a bittersweet moment!” ~Chanel Freeman, senior psychology major

“I’ve come to every home game since I can remember. There’s nothing better than coming to a pep rally and getting hyped about the season!” ~Kirk Windus, freshman journalism and mass communication major

“I had fun during the pep rally! I thought the step team did a great job!” ~Chaelon Brennan, sophomore accounting major

Question two: What do you hope happens this season for both teams?

“I hope that both teams go back to the NCAA and actually win the whole thing!” ~Alyssa West, junior psychology major

“I hope this year both teams find victory.” – Josh Maxey, junior political science major

“As always, I hope the teams win, and if not, I hope they gain more cooperation and teamwork.” – Joe Crispino, senior computer science major


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