Freshman class presents on All Bonaventure Reads book

By Danielle Clark, Assistant Features Editor, @ddaniellee11

(ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y.) Nov. 20 – St. Bonaventure University faculty, staff and students joined the freshman class in Doyle Dining Hall for the annual All Bonaventure Reads poster contest Wednesday afternoon.

Reflections on ‘In the Sanctuary of Outcasts’ challenged freshmen to express the main ideas from this year’s ABR book by Neil White, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. Each University 101 class took central themes from the book and created various presentations.

“Some classes take it to their major,” said Abby Cohen, director of the First-Year Experience. “A psychology class is doing a presentation related to the stigma associated with people who are incarcerated, so you can see how each class would have taken a little bit of a different take.”

Various types of presentations bordered the rooms. Some groups made posters, some made floats, and others made videos.

 Steve Aprilano, a freshman marketing major, made a movie trailer with his group. Members of the group acted out essential scenes from the book, as Aprilano narrated.

 “We gained a really good understanding of the book and way better connectedness of the group,” he said. “It really helped our class to mesh.”

Professors and staff circled the room, voting on which group’s project they liked best.

Sporting ornate Mardi Gras masks, the winning group focused on the central theme of leprosy in the book.

 Carly Miraglia, a freshman education major, explained that in the book, the leprosy patients were able to express themselves only on Mardi Gras.

“When they wore the masks, they didn’t think about their imperfections,” she said. “And they had that one day every year when they didn’t have to think about them.”

The group gave out blank masks and asked their visitors to decorate the outside but write a word that described them on the inside.

“The students related the Mardi Gras masks to the way we hide behind our outward appearances to distract others from seeing the ‘real’ us on the inside,” said the group’s professor, Ann Marie Sitter-Tompkins, professor of education.

The group will have the choice between an in-class pizza party or a $5 gift certificate to Café La Verna for each student.

“It’s one of our staples in our ABR program because it’s able to bring everyone together under the same common theme,” said Cohen. “This is the first thing that all Bonaventure students had in common.”


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