This Day In Bonaventure History

By Joe Pinter, News Editor, @JPinter93

This Day in Bonaventure History

January 17, 1983

Bob Fosse was born in Chicago, Ill on June 23, 1927. While growing up, he had an interest in dancing. This eventually led him to New York, hoping he would become the new Fred Astaire. In 1950, he caught the attention of famed celebrities such as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and moved onto Hollywood. 

Fosse began a short-lived acting career a few years later, only to be cut short by premature balding. This forced him to move back to New York to begin his theatre career. He starred in the famed musical, Damn Yankees, alongside his future wife, Gwen Pardon. They married in 1960. 

Over the next ten years, Fosse and Verdon won many awards for their performances on Broadway. During this time, he developed the look that he was most known for, wearing a bowler hat, gloves and using a cane. 

In 1969 Fosse directed his first feature film, Sweet Charity. He directed many films over the next two decades before his untimely death in 1987. 

It was on this day that St. Bonaventure University had the privilege to watch one of Fosse’s most famous plays: Dancin.


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