Tread Lightly Takes Stage At SGA Meeting

By Joe Pinter, News Editor, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Feb. 5) – St. Bonaventure University’s Student Government Association held its biweekly meeting tonight, centering it around the school’s recycling issues and what can be done to counter them.

Sr. Suzanne Kush, director of the Franciscan Center for Social Concern, along with Tread Lightly, presented this year’s Recylclemania Campaign. Club presentations followed.

Sr. Suzanne spoke about the campaign, which runs from Feb. 1 until March 31, and its goals. One of which is to increase recycling to 20 percent, up from the current 12 percent at the university. This is important, she said, because we should not be short-sighted with our environment.

“Because we are a Franciscan university,” said Sr. Suzanne,” we want to be stewards – not users.”

She added this is made easier since Casella, the recycling company for the area, recently upgraded to a Zero-Sort process. Zero-Sort allows any recyclables to be thrown into one container. Anything except tissues, hand towels and food waste is acceptable. This system still brings problems, however, said Sr. Suzanne. 

“What we learned is that even though there are Zero-Sort signs all around campus, we determined people think Zero-Sort means including trash, too,” said Sr. Suzanne.

After Sr. Suzanne finished her presentation, Tread Lightly showed a video that detailed the recycling process. Some fun facts:

*Americans make up 5 percent of the Earth population, but 40 percent of the trash

*Americans use four million plastic bottles every hour

*One glass bottle = 100 watt light bulb lit for 4 hours

*One aluminum can = TV powered for 3 hours

*One Sunday New York Times circulation = 75,000 trees

*Pizza boxes are acceptable, as long as the wax paper is taken out

The weight of the recyclable material will be reported each Monday, said Tread Lightly. The group will be hosting events on campus over the next few weeks, and will also advertise in the Hickey Dining Hall.

Tread Lightly also announced “Project Runway,” a contest to make the best outfit out of recycled material. The winner evens receives a cash prize. The interest meeting is scheduled for 8:00 on Tuesday, Feb. 12 in the Thomas Merton Center. The event will take place on April 4 at 7:00 in the Quick Arts Center loft. For any questions, contact or @SBUTreadLightly. 

Tread Lightly left one last thing for the audience to consider: San Francisco, the 12th largest city in America, is still able to recycle 80 percent of its “trash.” 

Once the floor was opened to club presentations, Asian Students in Action, Latin American Student Organization, Black Student Organization, Step Team, Spectrum and SBU Hip Hop all spoke about the upcoming semester.

Step Team announced it needs members or it might not exist next year, while SBU Hip Hop announced it raised $1,000 from the Hip Hop Benefit Show on Oct. 15; money that went to a family adopting a child from Africa. Additionally, the Hip Hop team will perform at halftime of the men’s basketball game on Feb. 13. 

In new business, the 2013 elections have been moved to April because of the early Easter break, and SGA also announced the Wolfpack is currently 7th in the country in student section voting. The voting ends Thursday so don’t forget to cast your votes!


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