A freshman’s take on the first week at Bona’s

By Hannah Gordon

The first week of being a freshman is bound to be a different one. It may not be as extraordinary for some as it is for others, but the statute still stands: it will be different.

On August 22, the class of 2017 took on the St. Bonaventure University campus. Some cried when their families left, others celebrated. Thoughts flooded everyone’s brain during the candlelight ceremony of what they wanted from the next four years. Most want to experience new things. They want difference.

So far, St. Bonaventure has brought some great times and some memories that I will carry with me throughout college. Adjusting to classes wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Despite what high school teachers seemed to have told all of us, the professors try to be as one-on-one as possible, even during class.  I’ve found myself excited to attend some classes, but then again, I’ve also been called a geek.

St. Bonaventure has already become my home, as I’m sure it has for many freshmen. I find myself saying, “I’m going home” when leaving La Verna Café at midnight, when really I just mean I’m heading back to my dorm. While I do miss my hometown, Buffalo, N.Y., a bit, SBU faculty and students have had no difficulty when it comes to making campus an inviting, friendly, and fun place to call home.



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