CAB plans new campus events

By Joseph Phelan, @JPhelan13

Last year St. Bonaventure University’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) gave students a zip line during Spring Weekend. This year, bumper cars and smoothies will entertain students in the Richter Center parking lot on Saturday afternoon.

“Honestly we were trying to find something else new for school,” said CAB planner Aayushi Sardana. “We decided that we’ve never done something like this before so like let’s try bumper cars.”

CAB’s decision excites students, especially one junior.

“I really love smoothies,” said sociology major Dan Adrat. “I also really love bumper cars, so the fact that CAB has combined these two things has me extremely excited.”

Over the summer, CAB surveyed students on what events they would enjoy to experience.

“We take a look at what kids really want on campus and we try to fit them in,” said Sardana. “(We then) see what our budget is like and what we can bring and what we can’t do and do the best we can.”

Bumper cars and smoothies will not be the only new event on campus.

Later this semester a unique comedy/game show called “We Can Make You Laugh” will be introduced to students.

“What’s great is students can actually win money during the performance, so it’s like they are going to essentially do a comedy show which we’ve done in the past, but this time it’s also like a game show attached to it,” said Sardana.

Adrat thinks “We Can Make You Laugh” has potential.

“This sounds pretty interesting,” said Adrat. “I do think that there are a lot of funny people on campus.”

CAB president Josh Maxey pointed out how great of a job the interactive committee has done with planning events for the first two weeks of school.

“One of the reasons why we picked bumper cars is it’s the second weekend back at school; we want the students to be really active and to start coming to events,” said Maxey. “So, we are hoping that this entire year we have a lot of turn out.”

Maxey says each bumper car ride will last two-three minutes, and DJ Tommy Bellucco will play music while students can order free smoothies.

The event will take place Saturday afternoon from 3-7, and then gift card bingo will follow in the Hickey Dining Hall.

CAB prides itself on its ability to create events for students to enjoy, so expect great ideas like bumper cars and smoothies for the rest of this year.


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