The (Un) Natural State

By Alex Ross, @alchristineross, Contributing Writer

Arkansas: the wholesome “heartland” of America. Within its homogenous population, sightings of tattoos, designed scars, and man-made horns protruding from human foreheads would soil the human landscape, right?

In short, if you want sub-skin décor or inkless tattoos, don’t go to “The Natural State.”

The state, surely wanting to stay natural, recently passed a law deeming artistic scarring and shaped silicone implants illegal. Known as scarification and subdermal implants to the marked masses, they’re nothing new.

According to an Alternative Press article, senators, who are clearly experts on tattoos and piercings, ruled that these methods were “untraditional” and unsafe. Obviously, these guys never spent an entire “sick” day on the couch watching Nat Geo. They would know that scarification practices have been a significant part of African culture for as long, or longer than, Arkansas has been a state. Senators’ lack of knowledge of rules and regulations followed by tattoo parlors and their artists also becomes apparent through their argument. Way to do your research, guys.

It’s peculiar how society allows people to put grossly disproportional implants in their chests and faces for their own decorative purposes. The legislative claims prove suspiciously vague to be working under. The law has a big, red target on the untraditional.

People want horns? Give them horns. They want tattoos? So be it. Silicone and pigment may not be natural, but human nature and choice are. 



image Legal.


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