Cell phones: more harm than good?

By Tanner Jubenville, @TMJubenville, Contributing Writer

Distracted driving, spoiled conversation and mental health problems. Thank a cell phone. They hurt society in several ways.

Distractions due to cell phones cause car accidents. The National Safety Council estimates at least 28 percent (1.4 million) of all traffic crashes involve a driver using a cell phone or texting. To date, 41 states have banned texting and driving. Turning off the cell phone before driving allows fewer distractions to occur.

Cell phones destroy the art of conversation. The divide between people who communicate electronically and those who do it converse face-to-face is growing as the number of cell phone consumers rises. Pew Internet and American Life Project say 91 percent of Americans own a cell phone. 81 percent of those cell phone owners use their phone to text. 

Cell phones provoke mental health problems. Psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish says, “The immediacy of response, gratification, and excitation combine to make the user want more and want more now.” According to aBritish survey using OnePoll, more young people (ages 18-24) suffer from Nomophobia, or the fear of being technologically disconnected. As a result of this condition, people suffer from sleep disorders and even depression. 

With so society becoming more dependent on cell phones, these issues will worsen and become more frequent. People need to recognize the risks cell phones bring so they can be less harmful on society.



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