Paying for boredom in the theaters

By Laura Clesse, @CauraLesse, Contributing Writer

If you go to the movies regularly, then you probably watch the same story lines.  Boredom ensues and you leave the theater broke.

Sequels, spin-offs and reboots dominate the movie genres you see these days.  With ticket pricing high, costing $8.38 per movie, it gets expensive to watch a plot you have already seen.  If you go to the movies 20 times in a year, you will have spent $167.60.  Imagine that mom, dad and the two kids go to the movies.  That’s about $678 a year.  Instead, you could buy a 42” plasma flatscreen and just wait for the movie to come to Netflix.

Within the action genre, the Fast and the Furious franchise needs to stop its redundancy.  You have seen Vin Diesel driving fast, again, and yet again.

The comedic Hangover series is just as bad. The same plot and crude jokes occur in every movie.  The films begin with a night of amnesia, losing someone and finally having everything come back together. Exhaust the idea. 

Science Fiction’s Star Trek films continue to remake and reboot the same stories.  Every movie a villain threatens the universe, and Captain Kirk saves the world.  The movies are predictable and boring.  Stop trying and maybe money will be left over in the publics’ wallet.

Are you ready for Transformers 4The Amazing Spiderman 2 and another X-Men movie to come to the big screen in 2014?  Get prepared to pull out your wallet and pay for a movie you have seen.

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