Clubs on campus: Which one are you in?

By Tristan King

As a college student, many people join clubs because they want to find people who share similar interests. Joining a club eliminates the stress of having to meet people on a one-to-one basis.  Clubs help students find their “Tribe.” Clubs also allow social interaction and create an atmosphere of comfort and fun.  St.Bonaventure University has a variety of clubs on campus that embody the spirit of bonding and loving one’s fellow human being. Here are some of the top clubs according to a random selection of students:

Tread Lightly



The Intrepid



Tread Lightly: An environmentalist group on campus that informs the community and student body on issues facing campus while also promoting environmentally friendly practices and demonstrations through service projects and performances.

ASIA (Asian Students in Action):  A multi-cultural group focused on integrating Asian culture into American culture and heightening cultural awareness on campus.  A subset of ASIA is the Indian Dance Team, which incorporates various forms of dance from across the country and performs at many campus events throughout the year.

BSU: The Black Student Union focuses on the educational success and cultural, social, and civic awareness of Bonaventure’s African-American students, along with that of the greater Bonaventure community.

LASO (Latin American Student Organization): A multi-cultural group focused onto integrating Spanish culture into American culture and heighten cultural awareness on campus.

The Intrepid: Bonaventure’s student-created online newspaper. Founded by Tony Lee, The Intrepid will have Bonaventure news, a weekly podcast, home game coverage of men’s soccer, live tweeting of men’s and women’s basketball games, pop culture stories and other content.

UAC (Urban Art Club): The club’s mission is to unify the campus by using art forms such as graffiti, hip hop and rap to engage students to express themselves while creating works of art.

Student’s Opinions:

“My favorite club on campus is Tread Lightly. They are actively trying to make this campus a greener place and are promoting issues and environmental awareness.”- Kat, a junior. 

“My favorite club is hands down Tread Lightly. It is a really proactive club. In college you’re in your own bubble from the world but Tread Lightly still keeps the world relevant by keeping us informed about whats going on environmentally on the outside.”- Rebecca Weitzel, graduate student.

“My favorite club my is BSU because it brings not only black students in campus together but students of all different nationalities. I would recommend it to everyone because it’s great to be diverse in the people you associate yourself with”- sophomore Aaron Alexander. 

“I like BSU because the club accepts anyone and is welcome to anyone who would like to join! It’s very diverse and they bring a lot of live to campus”- sophomore Anastasia H. 

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