More upgrades on the way for campus wireless

By Joe Pinter, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Oct. 22) – You may have noticed some improvements in the St. Bonaventure University wireless network.

It wasn’t a coincidence.

Mike Hoffmann, executive director of information technology, held the floor for most of tonight’s Student Government Association meeting, answering questions and addressing issues brought up by students.

Afterwards, SGA officers explained the new community service requirement. Towards the end of the meeting, Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Mountain Community Leaders, SBU SEARCH, ENACTUS (formerly SIFE) and Knights of Columbus each gave brief updates on each individual club.

Hoffmann began by explaining some upgrades Bonaventure has made to its wireless network in the last few years, from students not having to constantly login to their devices to increasing wireless capacity to accommodate more internet video streaming.

Hoffmann also said the new Office 360 email was “forced” onto the school by Microsoft.

Some of technology services’ plans:

*Increase the amount of digital signage across campus (and merge it with the emergency alert system)

*Continue the BYOD Initiative (Bring Your Own Device), which consists of accommodating new classrooms with technology to work with student’s personal devices

*Since Bonaventure is in the last year of its contract with its provider, Hoffmann hopes to bid competitively for a new carrier

*Look into the possibility of having a 24-hour printing lab somewhere on campus

*Use the fiber optic cable that was installed on campus this past summer to help increase the wireless capability to 1 gigabyte by next fall (currently 300 megabytes – up from 100 megabytes in the fall of 2011)

The campus has over 300 access points, so occasional problems are bound to happen, Hoffmann said. But if the problems are consistent, students can contact or

Tech services will also look into the possibility of a post-it board, so to speak, on for individual clubs and classes to post news.

Abby Harrington, SGA vice president, then led a discussion on SGA’s new community service policy, which asks every club to participate in 20 hours of service throughout an entire school year. The hours, however, are different than in the past. If ten members go to The Warming House together for three hours, only three hours would be credited to the club – not 30 like in the past.

The policy was changed so smaller clubs could be on a leveler playing field with bigger clubs. While there have been some issues with this new policy, SGA is looking into ways of improving it, Harrington said.

Lastly, Mountain Community Leaders announced it has two open overnights planned for this weekend. There is no theme to the overnights, and everyone is invited. Flyers are on display on campus.

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