Feature: Holy Wrecking Ball! Meet the artist who created the famous Miley Cyrus tattoo

By Dakota Ward

It all began on Aug. 25 with the MTV Video Music Awards. People were watching, and then it happened. The unforgettable performance by Miley Cyrus scarred some of the audience that night. But will it scar that audience forever? Well for this fellow, it will.

miley 1

miley 4

Photos by Dakota Ward

The mastermind behind this amazing piece of art is Scott Howard, who works at Living Canvas Tattoo near Buffalo, N.Y. Howard decided to make this tattoo after seeing Miley Cyrus’s performance at VMA’s, but also after her world premiere of the music video “Wrecking Ball.”

“Basically the way the whole thing went down was that I saw the music video for the first time with some friends, and asked how much they would give me if I could somehow tattoo her on someone,” said Howard.

But why would anyone want to be scarred by Miley Cyrus forever?

Well, somebody decided it was a “great” idea.

“After drawing the tattoo, I threw it up on the Internet, and within five minutes Nick Trzaska responded asking for the tattoo,” said Scott.

The tattoo was drawn up on Sept. 25 and the tattoo was permanent on Oct. 1. That was one week for Trzaska to back out, but why didn’t he?

“My persuasion skills to get people to want stupid tattoos were definitely the mastermind behind all of this,” said Howard. “I love to really push the envelope and see how far I can go with a drawing, and if anyone would really be willing to get this stuff.”

The tattoo only cost $50.

“It was definitely worth it seeing as how the quality is around $300,” said Howard.

miley 2

Photo by Dakota Ward

After the tattoo was finished, Howard decided to take a picture of the art for his portfolio. When posted, his friend decided to place it on Reddit, which is an online social network that lets users post forum threads. After being posted, the tattoo got the publicity it deserved.

“I expected people to laugh, but never did I expect it to blow up like it did. Being on big sites like Tosh. O, Perez Hilton, and many others throw me back for a loop,” said Howard. “After a while I got annoyed just going to Wal-Mart and having people scream “Hey Hollywood” and stuff like that.”

Howard’s tattoo also received attention on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” That is when Miley Cyrus expressed her views on the tattoo.

“Her response was exactly what I thought it would be. Everyone expects her to love it but seeing as the wrecking ball is crying,” said Howard. “There’s no way she couldn’t know that it’s making fun of her. Seeing how displeased she was on national TV was great.”

miley 3

Photo courtesy of NBC

Aside from this tattoo, many people have come up to Howard with some crazy ideas for tattoos.

“I’ve done Steve Erwin getting impaled by a sting ray, Hitler smoking and Honey Boo Boo doing cocaine with her mom,” said Howard.

Overall, the tattoo makes people laugh, and it is absolutely amazing.

“(Trzaska) loves the tattoo, and my customers’ happiness with the work is all that matters to me,” said Howard.

If you have an idea for a tattoo, contact Scott Howard via Facebook, Instagram, or meet him face-to-face at Living Canvas Tattoo in Cheektowaga, N.Y.

But remember, forever means forever.

miley 5

Photo by Dakota Ward



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