The Vikings must trade Adrian Peterson now

By Tanner Jubenville, @TMJubenville, Contributing Writer

Some actors never win an Oscar.

Some people exceed expectations whether it be at work, school or home, but never get rewarded.

Sometimes, the most valuable player in an entire league fails to win at the highest level.

Several records shattered.

Rookie of the Year.

Five-time Pro Bowler.

Five times voted All-Pro.

And not to mention the 2012 NFL MVP among the rest.

What good are these awards when the man who earned these accomplishments does not have a Super Bowl ring?

Since entering the league in 2007, Adrian Peterson has shattered records and helped his team, the Minnesota Vikings, win several games. However, he’s never reached, let alone won, a Super Bowl.

Adrian Peterson deserves to win a title. Even if the Minnesota Vikings have to trade him.

Peterson earns the nickname “Purple Jesus” every time he touches the ball. Yet the odds of him winning the Super Bowl dwindle away every time Minnesota loses.

Does Peterson share the same fate as other MVPs? With the quarterback position under constant question in Minnesota, the answer leans more “yes” than “no.”

Since 2005, 12 quarterbacks have started in Minnesota. Compare that to teams like the Patriots (2), Giants (1), or Packers (3) who have all won Super Bowls since 2005 and have quarterback stability.

Fans of the Vikings and the Vikings organization itself need to realize Peterson cannot last forever. Every time he touches the ball, his career comes closer to ending. The Vikings must make those touches worth something before his career ends.

Running backs in the NFL have the shortest average career length. According to, the website for the nonprofit support group Livestrong, running backs’ careers typically last just 2.57 years. Compare that to the average career length of a kicker, 4.87 years, or a quarterback, 4.44 years.

Peterson, whose violent running style draws both criticism and praise, does not add time to his career. It takes away from it.

In the last game of the 2011 season, Peterson tore his ACL and MCL. This doesn’t do his career length justice, but he did come back less than nine months later to rush for over 2,000 yards. Only five other players in NFL history have done so.

The 28-year-old Peterson, who’s currently in the third year of a seven-year, $96 million contract, will be 33 years old if he stays a Viking until his deal expires.

The Vikings need to trade Adrian Peterson now. After several failing chances to capitalize on his play, the Vikings need to realize he deserves a title and trade him.

The man has dealt with adversity and fought his whole life to win and be the best. Now, the Vikings must give him a better chance to win. They need to trade him to a contender before his prime expires.

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