Women’s basketball: #Bonnies’ Jill Murphy set to play her second sport at Bonaventure

By Mike Bednarowicz, @MBed10

Graduate student Jillian Murphy has already played four years at St. Bonaventure University.

Those games were played on the diamond, however.

This year, she’ll be on the court.

Murphy, who previously played first base for the Bonnies’ softball team, said walking-on to the basketball team actually started out as a joke.

“But once I realized it was something that I really wanted to do, I started to work at it. Then it kind of all ended up coming together,” said Murphy.

Murphy had to train differently this offseason to get into shape for a different sport than she was used to.

“I just kind of did things on my own,” said Murphy. “I worked on my ball handling and my shooting. I needed to really work on my wind because softball is very different from basketball.”

With four years of experience in playing a collegiate sport, Murphy believes she can be an asset to the team.

“Obviously the work ethic is something that you need to know how to do; especially time management with your school work,” she said.

With a team mostly compiled of freshmen and sophomores, Murphy can be a veteran presence.

“I think that I can be a good leader because a lot of them are very young and I kind of know how things work around here so I feel like I can be someone they look up to,” she said.

Although she is a walk on, Murphy has some goals for the season.

“I just want to be somebody that helps my team, whatever my role may be, whether I need to push them hard in practice, I need to push them hard in the weight room,” said Murphy. “If I get to play then that’s great too, but I just need to make sure everybody works hard and stays on track.”


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