A Cozy Winter Wonderland

By Elyse Breeze

With Old Man Winter just around the corner, we need to start preparing our tote boxes for packing up the tank tops and sandals so we can dig out the boots and sweaters!

But with the classic Western New York winters, who knows just how frigid or mild this winter will be? So, if you’re as sick of the typical “Uggs and fuzzy Northface” look as I am, you’re reading the right article. These totally-in-styles are fun and easy to layer (not to mention within a struggling college student’s budget) so you can dress accordingly to the sporadic St. Bonaventure University weather changes!

Sweater weather is the best kind of weather; there are so many great outfit ideas that suddenly sprout at the beginning of every fall/winter season!

To This winter, it looks like casual fashion is pretty simple. Layers, layers, layers! Girls, you’ll be happy to know that, yes, leggings and combat boots are still in! The best thing about leggings – they basically pass as pants. And c’mon, why wear jeans when you could be wearing pants, am I right? You can never go wrong with a knit earth-tone sweater, a thick scarf, and your combats. Pair these with a cute pair of high, neutral patterned socks (American Eagle, $5-10.)

Now, back to the sweaters… This season’s style calls for simple stripes, oversized, black and white, or the boyfriend cardigan. Striped sweaters can look great layered over chambray skirts, or paired with some edgy skinnies. If you’re feeling brave, try pattern mixing over a floral dress! No surprise that the oversized, baggy sweaters have made reappearance this winter – they’re cute, cozy, and warm. Pair it with your favorite boots and leggings, and you’re ready for class!

Some of the best fashion houses from Chanel to Vionnett suggest throwing a bit of grungy pieces into your outfit – leather jackets are a must-have this season. You can pair this great accessory with just about any item in your wardrobe, and it gives off a cute, yet casual vibe for your everyday outfits. You can find cute leather jackets just about anywhere, ladies.

Depending on if you’re looking for style or warmth, these can range anywhere from $30-$100. Personally, I recommend H&M for a happy medium of the two.

Sure, you won’t look like a runway model trudging through the snow on your way to Plassmann Hall, but at least you’ll be comfortable! And, you can take solace in knowing that you’ll be looking way better than the girl next to you in her Northface and Uggs, and you’ve probably spent just as much time getting ready in the morning.


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