Women’s basketball: Defense, sophomore duo take down La Salle

By Joseph Phelan, @JPhelan13

So far the Bonnies have a .500 record in Atlantic 10 play. Home wins against La Salle and Richmond and away losses against Duquesne and Dayton.

In last night’s win against La Salle, the Bonnies completely shut down the Explorers offense.

The takeaway from a team aspect of the game could be found in one number: 20.4.

La Salle shot 20.4 percent from the field Wednesday night.

Although the Explorers missed open shots, the Bonnies did a great job at contesting La Salle’s shots.

“Our defense isn’t usually very flashy, but at it’s best its not giving easy scores,” said coach Jim Crowley. “And we are starting to understand that.”

The Bonnies gave up a season low in points allowed — 35.

“I don’t care who it is; if you can keep a team under 40 in this league you are doing some good things defensively,” said Crowley.

Two players scored in double figures in this game, and both are Bonaventure sophomores.

Katie Healy tore apart the single coverage that the Explorers used on defense.

Healy had 27 points. She had two misses—a field goal and a free throw. She scored often and efficiently.

Healy not only scores the basketball at an effective rate, but she rebounds, defends well and finds open teammates.

She led the team in assists (4), rebounds (11) and blocks (2) last night.

Her ability to make the players around her better is a rare trait, especially for a player who plays underneath the basket.

Healy demonstrated patience in the post. She attacked with diligence, and when her friend/teammate Hannah Little cut to the basket Healy found her.

A benefit of having a team mostly compiled of sophomores has to be the friendship they built off the court.

Little and Healy have demonstrated that chemistry on the court since the end of last season.

This game belonged to them as they outscored La Salle 40-35 by themselves.

“I think we play well together,” said Little. “We can read each other well.”

Healy receives an entry pass in the post and she’ll find Little open.

“I think a lot of the on-court chemistry comes from off the court, too,” said Healy. “That friendship that we have is like I can read her and I know when she’ll cut and I know where to give her the ball.”

Obviously Healy and Little played very well, but Crowley had been pleased with the entire team’s offensive effort.

Collectively the Bonnies shot 48.6 percent from the field (6.6 percentage points higher than their season average.)

“(Katie) doesn’t get the single coverage that she had if our other kids aren’t where they need to be and communicating with her and being ready shooters,” said Crowley. “So (Katie) certainly poured in, as did Hannah (Little) but I thought it was a good team effort offensively.”

A .500 record through four games is a reminder that the season is far from over, and this Bonnies team still has plenty of room to grow.

Saturday presents another challenge for the Bonnies as Saint Louis comes to town with the Bonnies undefeated record at home still in effect.


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