T-shirts being sold until Jan. 26 to raise funds for Davis memorial

For Immediate Release:

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y., (Jan. 17) — Members of the Bonaventure community can purchase T-shirts in memory of Tyler Davis, a sophomore history major who passed away in November.

The shirts can be purchased through my.sbu.edu under the student services tab. There is a link titled “T-shirts for Tyler Davis” under the Bona Bus/Club Trips and Events category. The shirts are $12, or $16 for people who want the shirts shipped to them directly.

Orders can be placed until Sunday, Jan. 26.

The money collected will be used to create some form of memorial on campus to honor Davis, which has yet to be determined.

Trish Gould, a sophomore accounting major, is responsible for designing and creating the shirts in honor of Davis.

“I was responsible for the creation of the shirt. However, my friend Keriann gave me the idea of the saying on the back that says, ‘We may not be angels, but we have one on our side,’ which I thought was clever,” Gould said. “We had to get special approval in order to use the design because St. Bonaventure is strict about what students can use. Luckily, they liked it for the shirts.”

Gould said it’s important for the campus community to remember the life of Davis because of his connection with the St. Bonaventure family.

“Davis is still a part of the Bonaventure community, which is why I feel tied to his passing,” Gould said. “To me, any death on this campus is almost like losing a part of your family. I personally think it’s a good idea for people to support the cause because even a T-shirt allowing the school to remember him is good. Hopefully, we can make that memory more permanent on campus.”

(Originally from SBU News)

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