Women’s basketball: Michael’s defense leads Bona’s past Fordham

By Joseph Phelan, @JPhelan13

Fordham’s Erin Rooney entered today’s game against Bonaventure averaging 19 points a game.

She’s one of the best players in the league, and one of the best players Bonaventure has faced this year.

Although she had seven assists and nine rebounds, Rooney shot 3 for 16 from the field for 11 points.

You can thank Emily Michael for that.

Bona fans will read the box score from today’s impressive 74-67 win over Fordham.

You’ll see Katie Healy tied a career high with 27 points.

You’ll see Chelsea Bowker and Gabby Richmond combining for 25 points.

You’ll come across Michael’s line.

Five points, seven rebounds, two assists and a turnover in 36 minutes.

Nothing about that stat line is too attractive.

But without Michael, Bonaventure does not win that game.

“Emily (Michael) just made it really difficult for her (Rooney), and that started everything,” said coach Jim Crowley. “We did not let her (Rooney) get free in transition because Emily was doing such a good job finding her. We made them have to execute more in the half court, which I thought played more to what we were good at.”

Rooney found her teammates who made shots. Fordham hit 12 threes.

But Michael prevented Rooney from doing what Rooney wanted to do.

“They couldn’t get transition because of the way she defended,” said Crowley. “And they really couldn’t get a lot off the ball screen and that’s really hard to do for a whole game.”

Bona fans know how important Michael has been.

“We don’t win 10 games without her (Michael),” said Crowley.

She runs the offense — making the right passes to the right people in the right spots.

She guards several positions on defense. Her quick feet have been known since she played in her first game last season.

Michael just does what she is supposed to do. And that isn’t usually the way to get recognized.

You need eye-popping statistics to win awards.

“Em (Michael) just doesn’t get the credit she deserves in all ways—that kid defends like crazy,” said Crowley. “No one will notice. She won’t get recognized on All-Defensive team because she doesn’t have steals or any of that stuff”

Rooney is one of the more gifted players in the country. She has great abilities—great shooter, dribbler, passer and playmaker.

She does so many things exceptionally well.

But Michael really limited her this afternoon.

“No. 1 (Erin Rooney) is as willful a player we will go against, but I will take Emily Michael’s will every day, and she showed that today,” said Crowley.


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