SGA Meeting: Rob/Fal renovations and The Laugh Pack

By Elyse Breeze, @ElyseBreeze 

The Student Government Association hosted a meeting on Tuesday, March 25 that would include a comprehensive, detailed explanation of the Robinson and Falconio Hall renovation project underway this summer; St. Bonaventure University’s in-progress comedy club The Laugh Pack; and a brief summation of the LGBTQ program for awareness, “Safe Zone.”

The meeting concentrated on the Rob/Fal renovations as the agenda called for Cannon Design, the team in charge of the freshman housing renovations, to come forward and give their presentation. The team explained that their site plan consisted of creating and expanding the ground floor common areas, mediation spaces, and private toilet/shower rooms in which you’re able to physically close the door to each room.

The Rob/Fal floor lounges will include a fireplace lounge, a kitchenette, loose and mobile furniture, a chalkboard wall and a Steelcase Media Scape Team Theater, which will have the capability of sharing up to four laptops at a time for streaming videos, homework or games. There will be card access to the building and to each floor; however, there will not be card access to individual rooms. Whether or not there will be access to the renovated lounge for all students is tentative.

As far as the Rob/Fal corridors go, there will not be much work done aside from the bathrooms. The noise level between rooms, however, has been brought to their attention and they plan to tend to that issue. Cannon Design will be installing carpet in the hallways that will, hopefully, relieve the concern of noise carrying through the electrical outlets between rooms. These carpets have been designed to keep up with high traffic areas and places that will attract spills – looks like our housekeepers and prospective freshmen will not be disappointed!

The construction is expected to be finished promptly and just in time for incoming freshmen. The contractors will be completing about two million dollars’ worth of work each month. If they do not fully complete the renovations by move-in day, there will be a penalty for each of the workers which will give them greater incentive to finish the project faster and more efficiently.

The next item on the agenda was freshman journalism major, Dakota Ward and his newest project, “The Laugh Pack.” The Laugh Pack is Bonaventure’s up and coming comedy club which will consist of a team of comedians and actors preparing improvisation acts and sketches. With the team already at 14 dedicated members in such a short time, there is no doubt this will be a success on campus.

Ward is expecting to have at least one big show by the end of the year; however, a smaller show is already in the works on Thursday, April 11 in the Rathskeller. The group is currently recruiting those interested in improv, acting, and comedy; if you are interested, please e-mail Dakota Ward or Laugh Pack’s co-founder, Catherine Brown.

The final item on the agenda was presented by David Bryant and Fernanda Juarez: Safe Zone. Safe Zone is a program dedicated to the awareness of those who belong to the LGBTQ community.

Students, faculty members, and staff attended the Safe Zone “Train-the-trainer” event on Friday, March 7 in order to become more educated about LGBTQ community issues and encourage those in favor of equality to speak up. Bryant is inspiring others who support the LGBTQ community to become avid members of the program and make it a more well-known project.

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