“If I Stay” Review

By Alexandria Acacia

If you liked The Lovely Bones, The Giver or even The Fault in our Stars, then you’ll love If I Stay.

If I Stay is a captivating, suspenseful drama which tells the life story of Mia who balances a special musical talent and active social life, but soon is faced with a comatose experience caused by a brutal accident, including flashbacks and a race against time. Instantly, she is forced to deal with the transformation from living a normal life to a lone spirit, as she is faced with the challenge to figure out how to save herself.

The movie received many positive reviews and viewers enjoyed the movie overall. Many fans agreed that the book has a lot of parts related to the movie, but did not portray the story as well as the book. The way the story was portrayed in the book contained more detail and illustration of the events that occurred.

Those same people agreed that the movie did not contain as much emotion and thought that was put into the book. What many fans agreed on was the other characters, and the portrayal of them being spot on. I thought that some parts did not have to be included, while other parts should have been elaborated on.

After watching the preview of the movie, I had no interest in seeing it because it was not something I would typically watch. Somehow my friends convinced me to go see it, and after watching it, I realized how great of a decision I made.

The setting and the plot were very balanced and connected well, and the narration was insightful, bringing a clear description to what was going on. The flashbacks incorporated into the present gave the movie a more eerie effect; and the transition between Mia’s thoughts and the outside world delivered perfect suspense.

Family affection overpowered the romantic aspect, but in such a situation, it was acceptable. The most captivating scene is when Mia’s grandfather is by her side and talks to her.

Overall the movie delivered the basis of what the book was telling in such a way that it would not been a repeat of what was being read, but instead expressed in a different, less detailed way.


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