Celeb photo leak causes chaos in Hollywood


By Alexandria Acacia

Celebrities are the leaders when it comes to trend setting, but this is one trend that you do not want to be a part of—nude photography. Of course it is not intentional, but it has turned many heads. Nude photographs of celebrities is not something new, but recently many of these photos have been getting leaked.

It first began towards the end of August, and since then victims have been exposed collectively each week. Many people on social media sites like Twitter have been exploiting these celebrities by posting pictures, tweeting about the scandals, and making parody accounts, which causes these celebrities to become the target of attention.

Some exposed celebrities include: Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, and Selena Gomez. Other celebrities like Ariana Grande try to defend the pictures claiming that they are photoshopped, but most photos are as clear as a crystal — or a camera lens in this case.

The leakage happened due to Apple’s cloud service, iCloud and of course some hackers. iCloud is a cloud storing and computing service which backs up any information gathered on an iPhone which is accessed through email and password. There are around 320 million users, and within that number there are millions of celebrities using it as well. Apple Inc. announced that their service was indeed hacked, and the photos were acquired through file storage and account information.

Because of the trend, the public has created many names for it, such as “Celebgate” and “The Fappening”. Many people, including other celebrities like Clay Aiken, have voiced their opinion about the situation. He was upset about the situation, and commented saying: “Anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get.”

His comment became controversial because some people disagreed with the idea. When the public has a chance to vote for whether they agreed or disagreed, the results were about 50/50.

We all love a good celebrity scandal, and we all want to be able to get to know our favorite celebrities, but seeing nude photos of them is a little much. Although the photos are out, the victims do not seemed phased, but instead, choose to not bring attention to the fact that they are out there. There has been no say on how the scandal will be stopped, but it is still being investigated, and the FBI and many other authorities have become involved in the situation to put a stop to the trend.

[information courtesy of eonline.com]


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