Trends that must be stopped

By Anna Rine, @ANNARINE01

As times are changing, so are the clothes people choose to wear and things people choose to do. Most of these trends need to be stopped. These are the top five trends that must be stopped in 2014.

  1. Bucket Hats

Attention boys: we are not in the Sahara Desert. Your bucket hat needs to go. It does not matter what pattern or color it is, if you are not going on a safari in Africa, please do us all a favor and take that thing off your head. Just because you listened to Schoolboy Q once does not give you the right to wear a bucket hat.


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  1. Animal Print Leggings

Please ditch the cheetah print. This is not the 1980s. If you’re going to wear pattern leggings, make sure it is a nice Aztec or floral print. Or you can stick with basic black or gray, that works too. Just please get rid of the zebra and cheetah print leggings.


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  1. Twerking

Just because Miley Cyrus thinks she can do it, doesn’t mean you should pretend as well. Dance like a normal human — twerking isn’t attractive at all and it’s basically one big joke.

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  1. Mom Jeans

High wasted everything may be in right now, but if you’re going to wear high wasted jeans, make sure they fit right. Most of the time your boyfriend jeans end up looking like mom jeans.


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  1. Ripped Shirts

Ripped jeans are OK, but if your shirt has an intentional hole in it, why are you wearing it? It looks like you got attacked by a pack of wolves.


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