SGA Metting: New Inductees, Clare college, Aramark

By: Emily Rosman @EmilyRosman

The Student Government Association meeting on Wednesday night opened with a prayer said by Alexander Noguerola, SGA executive President. He then proceeded to invite the new freshman officers to come forward and repeat their promises as new inductees. Chief Justice Steven Kibbe was inducted after the new freshman officers.

After their induction, Dr. Imhoff came forward to speak as the Dean of Clare College about issues that have been previously discussed by both the SGA and students on campus. He addressed concerns about the Clare College common core, stating that the reason it is so disliked by students is because of their lack of understanding and also the lack of communications between the professors who teach the common core courses. He has met with the professors previously to discuss their approaches to their courses, and will continue to meet with them until one approach can be taken to prevent disparities between sections. Imhoff also stated that, “even seniors cannot explain what Clare College is” and he believes this to be a problem as well. He is reaching out to the Student Government Association to help him inform students about what Clare College really is. He hopes once students understand what it is, they will have less complaints.

Rumors about Clare College disappearing are inaccurate; it is evolving, but only by allowing more courses to substitute for some Clare courses. When he posed the question “How many people like their Clare College Courses” to the room, about half the people present raised their hands.

After this discussion, Alex Noguerola stood in for an absent Aramark representative and described what they are doing to improve. Having previously met with someone in charge, Noguerola informed us that Aramark is working on adding variety to the music selection, possibly allowing the Buzz to DJ more frequently. They are trying to update the online menu and improve its accuracy. Additionally, they are bringing back specials from 2-4 and 8-10 and will start promoting them more. They will also start promoting their new seasonal items, such as hot cider, donuts, and apples with caramel dip. Getting into the dining hall without a student ID is also being discussed in the future.

Attendance at sporting events was discussed, and the SGA is looking for ways to improve student interest. Suggestions were to break up prizes into smaller amounts in order to give more things out to students. A shuttle to Buffalo and Rochester for games over breaks was suggested as well; a shuttle was also suggested for during the school year for those who live off campus. Dr. Paula Scraba suggested getting the alumni more involved.

The statistics of the March of Dimes were shared, describing the grants that were distributed. The women’s lacrosse team received a grant for $300, and both CAB and the women’s rugby team received $200 grants for their fundraising accomplishments.

There is discussion about bringing the New York Times back to campus digitally by either sending out digital copies or to get academic site access at the library.

It was revealed that the Board of Trustees made a donation for $50,000 to support on campus activities. Noguerola stated, “We are thrilled they were able to give us such a big donation.”

The meeting closed with a speaker commending the SGA on their accomplishments thus far, especially concerning the donation. There was a reception following for the new inductees.

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