Trending Halloween Costumes for 2014

By Alexandria Acacia

October is finally here, which means it is time to start thinking about Halloween costumes! Most people like dress up as characters from a show, cartoons, or inanimate objects.Whether you want to dress up as a group or go solo, here are some awesome costume ideas.

For a group of people, almost any costume idea is acceptable. For instance, shows such as Orange is the New Black or American Horror Story appeal to many — and they can easily be imitated. Each person can pick a character that exemplifies them. If you are going for something more comedic, the Sun Drop Girls is a good choice.


For couples, costume ideas can come from famous couples or themes. A recent trend coming up is rittney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic denim duo from the early 2000s. For inanimate objects, puns or things that go together in suit, such as a cop and a doughnut, a cereal killer, or a chick magnet. Most costumes can be found in stores, but they can also be made from normal clothing.

Image                                              Image

For people who are dressing alone, more popular and well-known people or things should be considered. Famous people are easy to imitate because they each have their own style, which can be mimicked using clothing and props like Pharrell Williams and his iconic hat, or Ariana Grande’s high ponytail. Flo from Progressive or the 6 Flags elder are other people who have been seen by everyone, and easy to portray.

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