Top 10 Halloween Movies sure to Spook You

By Emmy Kolbe

Halloween is approaching, and October is the perfect time of year to enjoy a good scary movie.  The following are the Top 10 scariest movies for you to scream about this fall:


10. The Conjuring: This 2013 release dives into the paranormal world and gives watchers a reason to be afraid of the dark.  It focuses on the                  possession of a woman, a popular topic among horror films lately, but uses clever dynamics to convey fear upon the audience.




  1. The Rite: This film takes place inVatican City, Rome, and follows a young man who is working on becoming a priest.  He learns of the nature of exorcisms, and, of course, is faced with the responsibility of performing one in order to relieve a demonic possession.  The movie is scary due to the relationship between exorcisms and religion and leaves the audience in a thought-provoking mood.







  1. The Uninvited: A remake of the South Korean horror film, A Tale of Two Sisters, this psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.  It’s both entertaining and disturbing and features a plot twist at the end that will have your mind spinning as the credits are rolling.





  1. Halloween: A classic horror film, especially fitting for this time of year, remains as one of the greatest.  It follows the infamous Michael Myers as he stalks a high school student on Halloween. The film is noted for its absence of gore and gruesome violence. Still, Halloween has a mood that makes it both enjoyable and nerve-wrecking.





  1. Sinister: A crime writer moves into a house where a family had previously been murdered and finds himself in danger when he uncovers snuff films in the house’s attic.  The movie is worth watching for its dense and mystery-like plot.  The film has some violent and gruesome scenesthat make it hard to watch at times, but it’s definitely worth it.





  1. Insidious: This movie elicits fear just from its clever use of Tiny Tim’s strange song, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” paired with the prancing of demons throughout the main characters’ house.  The movie explores the use of demons and possession in dreams, which differs from other movies of the same subject.





  1. The Woman in Black: Daniel Radcliffe’s performance is reason enough to watch this.  The storyline is brilliant, the acting is awesome, and the movie itself is dark and bleak, as a horror film should be.





  1. 1408: Based on the short story by Stephen King, this movie follows a writer in a haunted hotel room, who experiences unfortunate occurrences in his one night stay.  It’s one of those confusing movies where you don’t really understand what happened — even when it’s over.  Even with the uncertainty, the movie is wonderful and should be seen by any horror fan.





  1. The Shining: One of King’s most praised works, and one of the greatest scary movies of all time.  The movie does not feature a lot of blood and violence, but finds its own classic ways to scare the audience and mess with their minds.





  1. Orphan: Not only is the acting amazing, but the storyline and action-filled plot twist keep your heart racing for a full two hours. This psychological thriller is sure to become a classic.




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