The Last Story: A game to be remembered


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By James Flanagan

The Last Story was released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii on Aug. 14, 2012. Compared to the PlayStation3 and XBox 360, the Wii was a highly underrated system (more popular with children) due to the lack of processing power and games that stood out.

The Last Story, however, breaks the mold with an immersive story. The graphics are top notch for the console, though pale to other systems. However, the amount of content available overshadows the console’s lack of power. The long, enthralling story and plot twists, along with missions and an arena, allow this game to rise to amazing heights.

The tale is of the kind-hearted Zael, endowed with a mysterious power, and his fellow band of Mercenaries (Mirania, Dagran, Lowell, Yurick, and Syrenne), as they travel the dying continent of Lazulis in their quest to become knights. Saving a girl, later revealed to be the beautiful princess Lady Callista, from corrupt castle guards, Zael sets in motion a chain of events that will change the course of the world.


This immersive third-person RPG takes the player through a magnificent world of fantasy and magic, spanning whole oceans and continents. There will be blood. There will be betrayal at the heart of the group, unexpected alliances, and tragedy in the end, with a stunning conclusion that will leave players satisfied.

With characters, quality cutscenes and an amazing story that draws the player in, this game has a lot going for it. Stealth tactics are a necessity in some missions, and the customization options (which can greatly affect character appearances, but are also rather limited) give a greater sense of control.

The one major problem with the game, in fact, lies in the almost-hastily designed control scheme. The control stick that moves the character is the same used in attacking, so attacks are limited.

In the end, this game deserves recognition, despite the Wii system’s subpar processing power. Other than that, this game offers an excellent experience for those looking for adventure, likeable characters, and an immersive story that one can’t help but play over and over again.

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