Men’s basketball: Jaylen Adams set to make an impact

By Katie Faulkner @kfaulkner20

With the official start of the NCAA basketball season looming, St. Bonaventure University students are preparing for another exciting year.  Behind closed doors, sounds of squeaky basketball shoes and shrieking whistles have been pouring out of the Reilly Center for the last month.

New names like Jordan Tyson, Jalen Adams, Idris Taqqee, Iakeem Alston, Marcus Posley and the youngest player, Jaylen Adams, are eager to get their feet wet in their first season at Bonaventure.

Adams, a freshman point guard often regarded as the Nick Young look-alike by his teammates, makes crisp outlet passes and runs the floor swiftly.  Coaches like that he averaged 15 points, three rebounds and four assists as a senior, scoring more than 900 points in his high school career.

“The pace has changed a little bit, so I have to just get in shape and get ready for a faster game,” Adams said.  “I think the adjustment will be smooth.”

However, any 18-year-old would surely have some finessing to do in the gym.

“I’ve been working on a lot of defensive stuff.  That has been my biggest question mark, that and some leadership things,” said the Baltimore native.

The 180-pound guard may not be the biggest in the league, but his ability to effectively distribute the ball will lead to his success.  “I think I stretch the floor well and I can shoot,” said Adams. “I’ve always been able to get everybody involved.”

Adams credits his teammates as being “a great group of guys” that have helped make the transition to college easier.  He says he enjoys Bonaventure and the family aspect the university produces.

Adams looks to make an immediate impact as the facilitator on the team that went 6-10 in A-10 play last year by being the young catalyst who can re-energize an entire group.

“I kind of just want to bring a new spark,” said Adams.

With an unceasing grin and witty personality, Adams is sure to do just that.

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