University president announces AD’s departure


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By Joseph Pinter, @JPinter93

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. (Nov. 12) — St. Bonaventure University hired Steve Watson as its athletic director in 2006 to rebuild its basketball programs and bring more credibility to Bonaventure sports as a whole.

Since his hiring, the university has won Atlantic 10 Championships in swimming and men’s basketball, made an NCAA Tournament appearance by both the men’s and women’s basketball teams and has completed half a turf fields project for the soccer, lacrosse and softball teams.

Many accomplishments, indeed.

University president Sr. Margaret Carney announced in a press release this morning that Watson has accepted the same position at Loyola-Chicago.

“Steve’s success at St. Bonaventure has opened many doors for him,” Carney said “While it’s always difficult to say goodbye to a senior administrator, we do so with gratitude for his contributions here.”

Watson will remain at Bonaventure for the next 30 days until he formally hands in his resignation, Carney said.

The search for his successor hasn’t begun yet. Later this week, administrators will discuss plans for an interim athletic director and begin planning a search for a permanent one.

“We’ll do a national search, and if we have an internal candidate that person will be a candidate in that search,” Carney said. “But we’ll invite people from all over the country.”

“We’re committed to getting the best athletic director that we can for St. Bonaventure,” said Rick Trietley, vice president of Student Affairs.

Since Watson is a member of the president’s cabinet, Carney will hire the next athletic director, she said.

Until September 2013 Watson reported directly to Carney, but that has since changed. Watson has reported to Trietley, who reports to Carney.

Both administrators don’t expect a change in the structure.

In the university press release, Carney credited Watson with “strengthening our position” with alumni, even “healing some significant relationships.”

“Steve engendered confidence with our alumni, and that’s evidenced in his leadership of the successful campaigns we’ve had to upgrade some of our athletics facilities,” she said. “He also played an active and supportive role in athletics becoming a better partner with other divisions at the university.”

“Our athletics staff and coaches are second to none,” Watson said. “It has been a privilege to work side by side with some of the best in the business. Sr. Margaret gave me the opportunity to come home almost eight years ago and for that I will be forever grateful.”

“I also want to thank the community and alumni for all their support during my time at Bona’s. St. Bonaventure fans and alums have been amazingly supportive of me and my family. While Chicago will be our new home, our ties to this community will always remain strong.”

Athletic department officials were still coming to grips with the news.

“There’s no doubt we’re going to miss him,” said Steve Mest, associate athletic director for strategic communication. “He’s been a constant presence here for seven years. Students, student athletes, all of our staff, the rest of the university, we have become comfortable with him.”

Some of the athletic department’s employees have been at Bonaventure for a long time, so Mest is confident the department is “going to be able to keep things going” until Carney hires a new athletic director.

Watson’s successor will have one less problem to deal with — the men’s basketball program. Watson took over the athletic department three years after a scandal destroyed the program’s reputation and, ultimately, its success. In the four years before Watson came aboard, the men’s basketball team had a 24-88 record under Anthony Solomon.

One of Watson’s first moves was hiring head coach Mark Schmidt in 2007. Schmidt has revived the program, winning the A-10 Championship and making an NCAA Tournament appearance in 2012. He also oversaw the installation of a new basketball playing surface in 2007– Bob Lanier Court.

“I think as AD, (Watson) deserves the ultimate credit,” Mest said of the turnaround. “I mean he’s the captain of our ship here, so to speak. It was his call to hire (Schmidt). He hired him, he found him.”

Hiring Schmidt will most likely be Watson’s greatest achievement yet.

“Every AD wants to hire the right coach, and then give them the tools they need to be successful. Steve clearly has done that in this case.”

Watson also eyed turning around other programs. He co-chaired a committee to develop a strategic plan for Bonaventure athletics — one that included installing turf fields for the soccer, lacrosse and softball teams.

“(Watson and co-chair Trietley) formed a very strong partnership, worked in tandem together, submitted the plan and put the plan through a complete review by our board,” Carney said. “Our board was very pleased with it. The administration was very pleased with it. We’ve been doing all the work in athletics based on that ever since.”

So far, the soccer and lacrosse turf field has been installed and the women’s basketball locker rooms have been renovated.

Watson moves to Loyola-Chicago, which has competed in the Missouri Valley Conference since 2013. Mest said while Watson was extremely intelligent and funny, among other things, he will miss Watson’s personable side the most.

“I think (Watson) was just one of everybody else,” he said. “He’s a regular guy from Franklinville, New York, and that showed in the way he worked with everybody on a daily basis. He’s not a micromanager by any means.”

Watson grew up in Franklinville and attended Archbishop Walsh High School in Olean.

“He asked for and valued our opinions,” Mest said. “So I think as an employee, thats what you’d hope for in a boss.”

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