Fifty Shades of Grey: Romance or Erotic Drama?

By Amber Williams

The world of BDSM was exposed in 2011 when British author E.L. James wrote the erotic romance Fifty Shades of Grey. After the arrival and dismissal of directors and actors over the past four years, a film adaptation has been produced.

Recently, reviews have been generated for viewers to get an idea of what to expect during the film. Though questions have been circulating about whether the movie follows the book it does. However, the director and screenwriter “stripped the first book of its biggest flaws, while still honoring its essence.” Therefore, if you have read the novel, you will be able to notice insignificant points in the plot will not be in the film.

One of the main goals of the director was to create Dakota Johnson’s character, Anastasia Steele, correctly. Her character’s role is intended to be more assertive, allowing her to have a stronger storyline.

“The movie aims to give Ana, in particular, a story and identity of her own,” said NY Daily News. “She’s smarter and sassier than her literary counterpart, while Christian, thank goodness, is less creepy-stalkerish.”

Because the novel is filled with sex scenes, a couple of critics had viewed the movie as a romance. Their view on the type of romance in the movie, however, differs.

Richard Lawson, a columnist from Vanity Fair, didn’t think the sex scenes were too intense, which made the movie move swiftly and helped the audience focus on the romance between the two characters.

“Maybe I am a sex-shaming prude, but I didn’t mind getting the less explicit version, because the movie is at its best when it keep things swift and light.”

Lawson saw more romance and less soft porn, but David Ehrlich, writer for Time Out New York, thought there was a balance between a romantic comedy and an erotic drama.

“Fifty Shades is a rare studio romance in which the characters actually try to understand one another…Fifty Shades may not make you come, but you’ll still be glad you went.”

Now it is our turn to be the critics. Will the movie follow the book or will we see a different storyline come to light? Fifty Shades of Grey releases this Friday.

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