14 movies to match your Valentine’s Day mood

By Amber Williams

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is the air! Well, some love is making its way while other love is already there; but nonetheless, hearts are pounding everywhere. The following are the Top 14 Valentine’s Day movies for the infatuated couples, the ones that are single, and the others who can’t decide where romance stands in their lives.

14. Failure to Launch: The 2006 movie proves that parents should not set-up their children- no matter how it turns out.


[Image courtesy of soyoumovie.com]

  1. 27 Dresses: A romantic comedy many people can relate to. It can be heart breaking when a sibling is able to catch the guy the other always wanted. Sometimes, it’s what best in the end.


[Image courtesy of Tumblr.com]

  1. Love and Other Drugs: The fear of commitment and letting someone in is powerful. Love, being the ultimate drug, overpowers those fears.


[Image courtesy of Pinterest]

  1. The Wedding Date: Debra Messing’s character did what any one would do. Desperate times calls for desperate measures when it’s time to prove your ex wrong.


[Image courtesy of hitchdied.com]

  1. Think Like A Man: Act like a lady, think like a man. Thanks to Steve Harvey, it had women second-guessing their motives affecting their relationships.


 [Image courtesy of weheartit.com]

  1. Dear John: The effect long distance had on this couple was frustrating, but they were always brought back to each other somehow.


[Image courtesy of okmoviequotes.com]

8. He’s Just Not That Into You: Do I need to say more?


 [Image courtesy of Tumblr.com]

  1. Love Actually: There were nine stories all related to one common emotion, love.


 [Image courtesy of Tumblr.com]

  1. The Prince and Me: Who wouldn’t love a prince? For her, it was more than the prince in him.


[Image courtesy of listal]

  1. Maid In Manhattan: Don’t change anyone. Someone will love you for who you truly are.


[Image courtesy of Fanpop]

  1. Letters To Juliet: A response to a letter led to this.


[Image courtesy of Weheartit]

  1. No Strings Attached: The worst thing to do is to have feelings for someone who you were in a “friends with benefits” agreement with. It will have you caught up in your feelings.


        [Image courtesy of Tumblr]

  1. How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days: She wrote an article. He was upset. He said she “lost” him but…


   [Image courtesy of Tumblr]

1.The Notebook: A classic. The Notebook is a love story we all want; boyfriends like Noah to fight with and to fight for and girlfriends like Allie whose parents don’t approve, but it doesn’t stop what’s in her heart. Their ups and downs made their love stronger. And although the memory of them falling in love left Allie, thank you to Noah for reminding her.


[Image courtesy of Fanpop]

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