Album review: Title Fight’s “Hyperview”

By Caitlyn Morral

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American punk rock band Title Fight has recently released their latest album Hyperview this past week. As the fourth addition to their discography, Hyperview is definitely a different take than previous records. After a listen or two, it is easy to say that Title Fight has changed up their style a bit with Hyperview.

Unlike some of their past records, such as The Last Thing You Forget and Shed, Hyperview has a softer element of sound to it. While the vocals may hit some heavy notes and there is still a fair amount of drums and guitar strumming to give it the punk rock appeal, it is safe to say that there is a definite sense of calmness to these tracks. With an alternative take and a sounds similar to that of The Smiths, Title Fight brings about a sound that is indifferent to any other albums that they have released in the past.

The lyrics are also more in-depth. For instance, in “Liar’s Love”, entails a bit of loneliness in its words. one verse reads: “Ostracized, a loss of pride/There’s only shadows on my side/Lessons learned: no one’s concern/Lends itself to wounds that won’t/repair with time”. Essentially, the song depicts a person a soul that feels empty and alone. Some other tracks, including “Murder Your Memory”, are written in the same manner with “Murder your memory/Let it suffocate/Reduce/Circle back to sorry days/Like a bird of prey/subdue”.

While the majority of the tracks are very similar in the rhythms and tempos, they all generally sound alike. However, there are also few less upbeat tunes, such as “Dizzy”and “Your Pain Is Mine Now”. As for the remainder of Hyperview, there is definitely a heavy grunge aspect. The record has traces of something that either blink-182 or Nirvana may have released in their day.

This 90s sound carries over into “Chlorine” especially, which is also the first music video that the band released to this album prior to its release. The video illustrates a distraught, middle-aged man waking up on an isolated boat in the middle of the ocean. Disheveled and confused, he jumps off of the boat with a suitcase in hand, only to find himself waking up in the same bed and repeating the pattern over and over again. The man is unaware as to why he cannot take his own life, until the ending reveals that a pair of peculiar divers had been saving him each time.

Overall, Title Fight has done in excellent job with Hyperview. The new styles incorporated into the music and the heavy lyrics coincide to create the ultimate listening experience. No matter what type of mood you’re in, Hyperview brings about a mellow style to any atmosphere.

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