Comedy Central to host Justin Bieber roast

By Liam McGurl

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On Jan. 20, Comedy Central announced the upcoming premiere of their newest special The Roast of Justin Bieber.  It is assumed that millions will tune in on March 30 to watch this controversial heartthrob get grilled with insults.

In past years, Comedy Central has been home to the roasts of Hollywood’s most talked-about public figures including James Franco, Charlie Sheen and David Hasselhoff. For those who haven’t tuned in for any of the previous seasons, these roasts feature a panel of celebrities who take turns at slighting the celebrity “roastee” of the season.  With all of the recent talk about Bieber’s arrests, partying and alleged photoshopped Calvin Klein ads, it is likely that the show will be met with better reviews than previous seasons.

As if a Bieber roast couldn’t get any better, Comedy Central’s very own Kevin Hart will serve as roast master.  “I’ll definitely tune in and watch the roast—especially since Kevin Hart is hosting the show,” said freshman accounting major Madeline McDonald.  “I think it’ll be nice to have some comic relief surrounding everything going on with Justin Bieber.”

Within the past year, Bieber’s name has been a recurring topic in the media.  Due to his police charges of dangerous driving and assault—after his ATV allegedly collided with a nearby minivan—viewers can expect the panel to have some things to say about that.   The celebrity roasting panel probably will not be forgetting about Biebers unsettlingly happy mug shot after his arrest for drag racing and allegations of the singer driving under the influence, either.

Even though Bieber had a year full of reckless behavior, it is safe to say that none of the roasters will fail to bring up Bieber’s long lasting pretty-boy reputation.  The audience should also expect an abundance of jabs at Biebers on and off relationship with “The Heart Wants What It Wants” singer Selena Gomez.  It is likely that some of the panel members will take a few shots at Bieber’s musical talent, given the constant debate between “Beliebers” and Bieber “Haters” over the quality of his music.

In the off chance that the group fails to bring up any of these topics, there’s always the trending hashtag “Deport Bieber,” which took over Twitter this past year.

“I’m not a huge Justin Bieber fan; I’m excited to see what everyone has to say about him,” said freshman english major Arshia Mehra.  “Making fun of Justin Bieber has been a huge thing for comedians over the past couple years.”

The Roast of Justin Bieber is likely to entertain just about anyone.  Whether viewers are fans of Bieber, could do without him or are indifferent, these specials seem to jerk a laugh out of anyone.

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