Florence and the Machine: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

By Caitlyn Morral

[Image courtesy of consequenceofsound.net]

Indie rock band Florence and the Machine has announced that they will be releasing their third album after a four-year hiatus. The record How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is set to hit the music market June 2, 2015. The album will consist of 11 tracks that Florence Welch and Markus Dravs have written.

The hit single off of this album “What Kind of Man” was released on Feb. 12. The track starts off slowly, but quickly picks up with the familiar tambourine and background vocals usually offered by the group. The song “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” has also been released, but it is not being promoted as much as “What Kind of Man.”

The lyrics of the song are written about a romance in which Welch sings of how she was committed to love, but the man was leading her on with empty words. One verse reads, “But I can’t beat you, ‘cause I’m still with you. Oh, mercy, I implore– do you do it? I think I’m through it, then I’m back against the wall.” While the singer cries about being completely devoted to her love, she cannot say the same about the man that she has fallen deeply for.

The band also released the music video for “What Kind of Man” on their Vevo account on YouTube. The video portrays Welch in self-torture as she recognizes that the love she feels is not a real love at all. Starting off with dialogue between her and a man driving down a road, it quickly spirals into a whirlwind of emotion.

[image courtesy of rollingstone.com]

There is a great deal of excitement from the band’s fans after Florence Welch decided to take such a long break. “I’m pretty excited for the release of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” said St. Bonaventure freshman Madeleine Feddern, an elementary education major. “I’ve listened to “What Kind of Man,” and it seems to promise some stellar things for the new album. Lungs and Ceremonials are so iconic, and I don’t think Florence and the Machine will disappoint.”

“When I first found out that Florence and the Machine were making a comeback, I was overjoyed at the thought,” said Catherine Boyd, freshman and math major. “Hopefully, their new songs will have a twist, without losing the deep meanings and subliminal messages that their old music possessed.”

Overall, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is a highly anticipated record. With less than four months until its release date, the eagerness is building up among many. It is hard to say if it will have the same sounds as Lungs and Ceremonials, but only time will tell.

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