Spring Weekend 2015 Preview

By Bryce Spadafora 

[Image courtesy of wsbufm.com]

This is it. The event that all of St. Bonaventure has been waiting for: Spring Weekend.

The Campus Activities Board has been actively preparing for the event by planning activities, performances and games for the past several months. Students patiently wait for this time of year, and it has finally arrived. This weekend, students will have the opportunity to ride a mechanical bull, compete in an inflatable obstacle course, have their picture taken in a photo booth and be drawn by a caricature artist on both Friday and Saturday. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even ride a zip line on Saturday. ASIA will be sponsoring Henna Tattoos from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The popular carnival game “I Got It” can be played from noon until 4 p.m. on Saturday. Cody Didas, president of CAB, is excited for the game’s return to Bonas.

“I am excited at the opportunity for CAB to be able to bring the game back this year,” said Didas. “First Year Experience was able to help out last year to bring it to Spring Weekend, and it was a large success.”

Teams of students will compete in the annual kickball tournament. Students who are not playing can watch the games and cheer on their friends.

Spring Weekend wouldn’t be complete without music—several musicians will be performing on Friday and Saturday.

St. Bonaventure’s radio station The Buzz will be kicking off Spring Weekend on Friday at 4 p.m. They are currently sponsoring a DJ competition, and you can vote for your favorite show to open Spring Weekend.

“We start planning for Spring Weekend months in advance because it’s such a huge deal for the station,” said assistant promotions director at WSBU Elyse Breeze. “There is going to be plenty of giveaways, games and music to get everyone pumped up. I’m excited to see how everything pans out!”

Two-man DJ team BADVERB will be present, followed by a Lip Sync Battle in the Skeller. Madeleine Faircloth, CAB’s Co-PR Chair, encouraged students to compete in the Lip Sync Battle.

“It’s Friday starting at 9! You come and lip-sync your heart out,” Faircloth said. “It’s something new, and I think it’ll be less scary than karaoke, seeing the actual singing part is taken care of.”

Students will have a chance to win a prize if they attend. CAB is giving away 125 Spring Weekend t-shirts in the Skeller each night of the event.

On Saturday the Joe Moorhead Band will kick off the day and bring tropical vibes to campus with their beach-themed jams. After the performance, students who are feeling brave can sing karaoke with their friends.

DJ Gary Rogers will perform in the afternoon. Gary Johnson, a one-man band who takes song requests from students, will follow. Weston, a rapper, is expected to perform as well. DJ Ed Bysiek will close the night in the Skeller.

All of the activities and musicians are chosen by CAB’s Spring Weekend committee.

According to Faircloth, “We have a Spring Weekend committee, which is mainly the General Board, and they present ideas to us and we present some back and we base it off the budget we are given.”

“We always take input from our General Board to see what they would like to have at Spring Weekend,” Didas said. “Many of the performers come from conferences that we attend… We try to appeal to as many students as possible with our decisions.”

Various students have found the schedule of activities exciting. Freshman accounting major Joyce Tristan said she was looking forward to Spring Weekend.

“I’m excited for the zip line and henna tats because I’m feeling wild and fun,” Tristan said.

Freshman journalism and mass communication major Stefanie Podosek has events she is anticipating too.

“I can’t wait for the zip line, the obstacle course and I Got It. Bounce house courses are always so much fun,” Podosek said.

Other students are anticipating one last fun weekend with their friends. Junior communications major Zachary Buckwald is one of those students.

“[Spring Weekend] is that last weekend you get to enjoy all your friends being together before you start worrying about finals,” Buckwald said. “It’s the last time you can truly release.”

Didas and Faircloth explained that finals are one of the reasons CAB organizes Spring Weekend.

“Spring Weekend happens as a way to have a fun weekend because everyone knows that finals is a stressful time for everyone,” Didas said. “The event could be looked at as sort of a ‘hoorah’ for the end of the year.”

“We want to provide students with a fun time before finals begin and everyone separates for summer vacation,” Faircloth said. “It’s fun for all and we could all use a good dose of fried dough and kickball.”

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