CPRC to kick off EDGE program on Monday


[Image retrieved from sbu.edu]

By Amber Williams

The Career and Professional Readiness Center (CPRC) will be introducing The EDGE program to St. Bonaventure University students, beginning the week of Oct. 5, to prepare students for future careers and graduate school.

“I first learned about the program while I was a mentor for the Freshman Leadership Program on campus,” said Catherine Eaton, a senior sociology major. “I knew it would provide me with continued leadership practice. I’ve worked with the CPRC before, and knew that if they were behind this program, it would be a worthwhile experience.”

The program offers six one-hour seminars in a variety of topics including professionalism, interviewing, networking and self-awareness. The topics reinforce skills that will help students become confident when seeking employment.

“It really helps students tailor what they need,” said Marie Wilson, career counselor at the CPRC and EDGE program administrator. “We’re trying to offer more skill-based seminars that way you can be prepare going into an interview or selling your personal brand…we want students to have a variety.”

Although the program provides topics that will benefit students’ futures, there are some seminars expected to be more beneficial than others.

“I think the workplace dynamics will be the most beneficial because every work atmosphere is different; students, especially seniors, need to know how to navigate all work atmospheres,” said Jasmine Foster, a senior journalism and mass communication major.

The EDGE program requires a minimum of six seminars to be complete by April; however, it does not require students to take each topic. Students may choose to learn about a topic more than once.

“Students do have to complete a professionalism seminar, and then they get to choose five [other seminars,]” Wilson said. “For example, if you feel like you need interviewing skills, you can go do two seminars on that.”

Some students are expecting the program to refine skills that they already possess.

“I am fairly good at professional communication. But sometimes I find myself wondering what exactly is appropriate to say in certain situations – which I hope EDGE will help me with,” said Hannah Vail, a senior chemistry major.

Even though The EDGE program has not yet begun, students are anticipating what they will gain from EDGE and how it will benefit them in the future.

“I hope that the program gives me more confidence in myself,” said Elyse Breeze, a junior journalism and mass communication and strategic communications and digital media double major.” I want to be able to show off my skills to future employers, and I think the EDGE program will give me that extra little boost of confidence I need before I start applying for jobs in my field.”

“From what I know about the program, I think that the topics being offered at the moment are a good starting point,” said Caitlyn Morral, a sophomore strategic communications and digital media and visual arts double major. “In the future, I am hoping that the CPRC will expand and offer even more topics to focus on.”

The program has high expectations for the participating students.

“I want them to become more confident and have these skills that employers are seeking…. they should take it all in, and have an open mind. If they start, we want to see them finish,” said Wilson.

The program will host a launch party for the students in the program on today in the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts. The program will begin the following week on Monday, Oct. 5.

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