Women’s basketball: Michael prepares for final go-around

By Mikael DeSanto @MJTD07

Graduate student guard Emily Michael is entering her final season on the St. Bonaventure women’s basketball team. She entered the program as a known shooter, but has held a point guard role throughout her college career.

“She’s our heart,” said head coach Jim Crowley. “When she is going full speed and competing and winning the 50/50 balls, the loose balls, all those things, we’re at our best.”

Crowley feels Michael needs to continue to grow her leadership role going into this season.

“She has to be a leader competitively, she has to be a leader toughness wise, she has to be a leader with her play,” he said.

Being the oldest of the team, Michael has taken the responsibility of being one of the players to get teammates together.

“I think I’m just a little more mature in the game and a little more experienced,” said Michael.

The Bonnies are coming off of a tough season where they dealt with many struggles. Michael had 54 assists last season, 30 fewer than the season before. She also had 38 turnovers this past season. She will be looking to increase her assist total and lower her turnovers, on top of reaching the team goal of the NCAA tournament.

Michael said that part of reaching these goals has been working harder than last season.

“I think just putting in extra time as a team,” she said. “We’ll come in get extra shots up, extra cardio, anything just to be more involved as a team outside of practice and outside of required stuff.”

One game that Michael is most excited for is the game at Dayton on January 20. Michael is from Clayton, Ohio and graduated from Chaminade Julienne High School, which is roughly 30 minutes away from Dayton’s campus. Her family plans to attend the game to see her play there one last time.

“I’ll be going home and all my family will be there so I’m really excited to go back for one more go-around,” Michael said.


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