Women’s basketball: Britvar hopes hard offseason training pays off

By Trystan Rushia @trystanrushia

Matea Britvar hopes all of the training the St. Bonaventure Bonnies did since last season ended pays off.

Britvar, a 6-foot-1 sophomore forward, said the team put in a lot of work during the summer to achieve a greater season. She, personally, improved her mentality the most.

“Last year I was kind of new to the game, so I did not know much on how college ball works,” said Britvar. “Now I know what shots are open and what I can do for the team.”

Being a post player, Britvar does the “dirty work,” as she called it, like facing opponents underneath the basket, rebounding and passing around the ball. Last season, despite averaging only 8.2 minutes per game, the Orlando, Fla. native grabbed 16 boards.

Coach Jim Crowley said Britvar has many great attributes for the Bonnies.

“She can make an open jump shot, she can move the ball around and is a smart defender,” he said. “When she does all of those things at a good effort level, she becomes very important to us. Two of our best wins—Penn State and the comeback at St. Louis—she played big minutes for us.”

Britvar does have some ups and downs in her play, according to Crowley.

“When she’s not that big person we need, then that’s not a great thing,” he said. “The big importance is to understand the consistency we need by working hard in practices, which in return will make her consistent in games.”

Conditioning was Britvar’s main focus this offseason which, according to her, was the biggest struggle.

“I put myself through boot camp,” said Britvar. “The boot camp was called ‘Orange Theory’ back at home in Florida, where I did lots of rowing and running on a treadmill for an hour straight every day. It helped me out tremendously.”

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