SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 1

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

As Spirit Week begins at St. Bonaventure University, students have the opportunity to show their Bona pride and participate in dressing up to match a new theme for each day of the week. On Monday Nov. 9, some chose to partake in “Jersey Day,” a day that they could wear jerseys in support of their favorite teams.

Today, The Intrepid asked students why they chose to come to Bonaventure, and their responses related back to the university’s community.


“I really liked the campus when I initially came and toured the school,” said sophomore and marketing major Stephen Cartwright. “One of my favorite things about Bonaventure is how close together everything is.”


“I just really liked the family feel when I came here,” said senior and finance major Cody Didas. “I visited a few times, and it felt like it was the right place to be.”


“I really loved the atmosphere and how it is a small school,” said junior and journalism and mass communication major Dakota Ward. “I am from Buffalo where there is the University at Buffalo, and that school is huge. I just really enjoy the aspect of a small community.”


“There is a lot of family history for me at Bonaventure, and I loved that everyone was so friendly and willing to help each other,” said freshman and undeclared science major Audrey Niblo. “There are also so many incredible opportunities after graduating from the university.”

Stayed tuned over the next four days for more featured students during this year’s Spirit Week!

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