SBU celebrates Spirit Week: Day 3

By Caitlyn Morral @caiterthot

As the third day of the St. Bonaventure University Spirit Week landed on Veterans Day, the week continued with Patriotic Day. By dressing up in red, white and blue, students had the chance to show pride in both their school and in their country.

Today, The Intrepid asked some students why Bonaventure is important to them.

patriot 1

“I think that Bonaventure is a great school,” said senior and Spanish and international studies double major Kirsten Lankford. “Overall, it really is an amazing place to be a part of a family.”

patriot 2

“One of the most important things about Bonaventure to me is how close everyone is,” said freshman and engineering physics major Jenny Morris. “Everyone is just so friendly.”

patriot 3

“The Bona family and my friends here are incredibly important to me,” said junior accounting major Melissa Stachowiak. “They really make it a good experience everyday.”

patriot 4

“Brotherhood, family, and loyalty are the most important aspects of Bonaventure to me,” said senior and psychology major Chris Russo. “I definitely experience each of these features when I am here.”

With two days of Spirit Week left, you can show your pride tomorrow by dressing up for Throwback Thursday. Happy Veterans Day to the brave men and women who have fought for our country.

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