Men’s basketball: Quick Hitters- Dayton

By Jeff Fasoldt @Jeff_Fasoldt

Slow out the gate: The RC was packed, the students were loud and the Bonnies were strolling into the game at a solid 12-4. The feeling in the air was that with the students back, the Bonnies would secure a thirteenth win tonight. Then, when Dayton took a 45-18 lead into the locker room at half, you could feel the confidence of the Bonnies fans dwindle.

Posley not enough: Marcus Posley, the clear leader on this Bonnies team, came into the game averaging 18 points per game and had another huge game tonight. Posley was 12-of-23 from the field, including five threes— with 31 points total.

Where was the D?: Bonaventure’s defense has struggled this year, however it’s usually hard to notice because the Bonnies offense normally is hitting on all angles. Tonight, with just 18 points for the Bonnies offense in the first half, the spotlight revealed some of the defense’s weaknesses, with 45 points allowed in the first half and 40 points in the second.

Second half fireworks: A 61 point second half for the Bonnies was not enough to secure a “W” at home, but it did show just how capable this offense is of catching fire; it all comes down to if the shooters are hitting from beyond the arc. In the first half, the Bonnies were 1-of-10 from deep, with Dion Wright connecting on the only three, but a 10-of-18 second half from three sparked a huge run for the Bonnies that almost gave them the key win.

Cooke was cooking: Charles Cooke III led a deep Flyers team in points with 21. He couldn’t miss early and went on to shoot 7-of-10 from the field, including a 4-for-5 mark from beyond the arc.

Key Postgame Quotes:

“Those guards are as good as anyone in the country.” – Coach Archie Miller on Posley and Adams

“I thought the game was lost with 10 minutes left in the first half.” – Coach Mark Schmidt

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