Ambassadors take pie to the face for change

[Images courtesy of Caitlyn Morral]

By Caitlyn Morral

Students had the opportunity to throw food in the Hickey Dining Hall with a pie throwing fundraiser through the admissions department on Thursday, Jan. 21.

Student ambassadors of the university, along with the Embrace it Africa club on campus, teamed up to raise money for both Embrace it Africa and the school’s admissions team.

Lead ambassador and senior and psychology major Chris Russo played a big role in developing and executing the joint fundraiser.

“The idea came from the lead ambassadors looking for a fun event to kick off the new year and the second semester,” said Russo. “It is a great way to come together and show

Ambassador leader Chris Russo takes pie to the face for Embrace it Africa

our true Bona spirit, and that we are a community full of enthusiasm and charisma. It is also a great way to support a charity that was founded by a Bonaventure student and to give back to the global community through Embrace it Africa.”

Both student ambassador leaders and administrators volunteered to be pied by students.

“Nine participants ended up getting pied,” said Russo. “Four of the lead ambassadors, two admissions counselors, both of the Associate Directors of Admissions and the Vice President of Enrollment volunteered for the event.”

Student ambassador Emily Rosman, a junior and a journalism and mass communication and French double major, was impressed by the success of the event.

“We would definitely do this again in the future because we thought that it was a fun and effective way to raise money while getting students involved with admissions,” said Rosman. “We raised $167, minus $23 for the pie tins. Part of the net proceeds will go to to Embrace It Africa and the other part will go to admissions.”

When it comes to future fundraisers for the admissions department, Russo is not releasing any details yet.

“As for future plans, it is a surprise,” said Russo. “I guess that you will just have to wait and see.”

*Editor’s note: Rosman later noted that part of the proceeds will go to Embrace It Africa rather than half. 

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