Men’s basketball notebook: High team chemistry evident in Bona’s latest showcase

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

PHILADELPHIA — When Denzel Gregg and Marcus Posley each picked up two quick fouls in Wednesday night’s victory over St. Joseph’s, it would’ve been easy to mope on the bench.

When players get in foul trouble and have to check out of the game, they often check out mentally as well. Whether it’s complaining about the last call or simply becoming frustrated that they have to leave the floor, they distance themselves from the action.

When Gregg and Posley could only play 11 combined minutes in the first half, however, they fulfilled the role of cheerleaders on the bench. They put up the three-goggles after Jaylen Adams, Dion Wright and company hit deep shots. They celebrated as Bona took the lead with 7:10 left in the period and went on a 15-10 run going into the locker room.

Two members of the “Big 4” this team is developing gave the team a lift, even when they couldn’t perform the preferred duties of a Bona basketball player. Once they were able to get back on the court in the second half, the support was returned as the brown and white closed out the game.

The team chemistry is high as the Bonnies look to start another long winning streak, and sophomore captain Idris Taqqee likes the spot his unit is in.

“We have each other’s backs,” Taqqee said. “It’s one of the things where our school is small so we’re always around each other. We see each other everyday, so the bond is pretty tight. I can honestly say it’s better than last year’s bond.

“When we face adversity this year, everyone’s picking each other up right away. It’s one of those things where you know certain people might be quiet, certain people might be quiet, but this year we pick each other up much quicker.”


Other quotes from Wednesday night’s victory:

Taqqee on playing without Posley and Gregg in the first: “I didn’t even notice that at first. I was kind of happy, like ‘Marcus is coming in the second half’ like, ‘they don’t even know what’s coming.’ I was happy that they still had legs in the second half, and that’s what put us over the top.”

Taqqee on Adams and Posley: “Man, when I’m watching Jay and Marcus put up shots, sometimes I know they’re going in, so I might get back on defense. It’s definitely a good feeling, and when I get that feeling I know that all I need to do is lock down and get a steal or deflection or something and get the ball in their hands. I have that trust in them, and they have that trust in me.”

Adams on the team’s offense: “Sky’s the limit. I think we’re led by seniors. When they lead and they play well and everybody else is able to make shots, we’re going to be a special team. We showed that tonight.”



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