SBU earns a spot on Kiplinger’s Best College Values

By Caitlyn Morral

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For the first time, St. Bonaventure has been named to the Kiplinger’s List of Best College Values.

Bonaventure ranked 96th in the top 100 private college values and 287th overall on the list of the 300 best college values in 2016.

The national list ranks colleges and universities based on academic quality, affordability and student success. Other factors, like the four-year graduation rate and the freshman to sophomore retention rate, are also taken into account.

Vice President for University Relations Emily Morris is delighted with the outcome of this year’s ranking.

“We are very pleased to have made this particular list because Kiplinger is a name that is known and trusted in the realm of personal finance,” said Morris. “Their ranking system places value on things we value, including student success, financial aid, and cost to students and families. We have been steadily improving over the past five years, and the editor told me that this is why we made the list this year for the first time.”

Janet Bodnar, who has been the editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine since 2009, explains how schools across the nation are chosen to be included on the list.

“We start with a universe of nearly 1,200 public and private four-year schools, and then narrow the list to the top 300 with the ‘best values,'” said Bodnar. “This includes 100 public universities, 100 private universities and 100 liberal arts colleges.”

According to Bodnar, the list is narrowed further based on measures in academic quality such as admission rate: the percentage of students who enroll out of those admitted and SAT and ACT test scores.

“On the quality side, our rankings give the most weight to the four-year graduation rate. Quality criteria accounts for fifty-five percent of a school’s total score,” she said.

As a Bonaventure alumnus, Bodnar was excited to see the university earn a place on the acclaimed list.

“I was especially pleased to see that St. Bonaventure made this year’s list because I am a journalism alum of the class of 1971,” said Bodnar. “St. Bonaventure made this year’s list because it has shown steady improvement in both its four-year graduation rate and its freshman retention rate.”

Read more about how Kiplinger’s Best College Values are chosen here.

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