SGA proposes amendments to constitution

By Bryce Spadafora

The Student Government Association at St. Bonaventure University met to propose amendments to its constitution today. The amendments, drafted by SGA’s Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC), cover a range of topics from election of class officers to clarifying the language of the current constitution.

One amendment, proposed to Article VII, modifies the language surrounding who is eligible to hold an SGA position. Section 2 of the article currently states that, “Anyone seeking office in the SGA must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.” The proposed amendment changes the requirement from a minimum GPA of 2.0 to “good academic standing,” a quality determined by the university, not SGA.

Further amendments propose a change in the length of terms for future Judicial Branch members. If ratified, Judicial Branch members can serve for a maximum of four years or until fall semester of the member’s graduating year. The CRC reasoned that, under the amendment, “Justices are allowed to make tough decisions without facing political pressure that could influence their decision.”

SGA will vote on the proposed amendments Feb. 23 before holding a student vote via my.sbu. The amendments will then be passed on to Richard Trietley, vice president for student affairs, and Sister Margaret Carney, university president, who will have the final say on which amendments are ratified.

The complete list of proposed amendments can be found below.

Amendments to SGA Constitution with Rationales

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