Bonnies Bracketology Update 2/22/16

By Chuckie Maggio @chuckiemaggio

Where do the Bona men’s and women’s basketball teams rank in each media outlet’s Monday bracketology update? Here are the latest prognostications:


ESPN- Joe Lunardi has the Bonnies in the “First Four Out,” the top bubble team to just miss the cut.

Lunardi had SBU in the tournament after Saturday’s win over Dayton. However, a Saint Mary’s win over Gonzaga on Saturday night made the Gaels the leaders of the West Coast Conference.

This knocked Mark Schmidt’s team out of the current tournament structure because Gonzaga is still projected to be in the tournament, removing one bubble team from the picture. That bubble team happened to be Bona:

USA Today: Shelby Mast also has the Bonnies in the “First Four Out,” but has the team a few slots lower as the fourth team in that group:

CBS Sports: Jerry Palm has the Bonnies as the third team in the “First Four Out” category. Palm interestingly has the George Washington Colonials, who SBU defeated, in the “Last Four In.” The Colonials likely get the nod due to their win over Virginia, which is projected as a number one seed. Team Rankings operates differently than the other bracketologists, simulating the rest of the regular season to project each team’s numerical odds of making the big dance. They do this every day, making the site an interesting read every day.

“The season doesn’t end today,” they say on their site. “We simulate out everything that could still happen; other people don’t.”

Team Rankings’ Bona simulation gives the team a 60 percent chance to make the NCAA Tournament, with a 53.2 percent chance of getting an at-large bid. SBU is projected to win three of the last four regular season games, with St. Joe’s as the lone predicted loss, and be a 10-seed in the tourney:


ESPN: Charlie Creme, a Bona grad, has the Jim Crowley-coached Bonnies in the “First Four Out.” Duquesne and George Washington, who SBU beat last Wednesday, are the only A-10 teams he has in the field.

College Sports Madness: has the Bona women in the tournament as an 11-seed. The Bonnies are third on the site’s “Last Eight In”:

RealTime RPI:, which calls its bracketology “real time, non-biased,” has the Bonnies going to Waco, Texas as a 10-seed. Bona would be matched up with BYU:









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