90’s night benefits Embrace It Africa

By Kelly Haberstroh

[Image courtesy of newspring.cc]

Embrace the 90’s was a fun and nostalgic way to kick off Spring Weekend and donate money to help organizations involved with Embrace it Africa.

Sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, the event was hosted in the Rathskeller on April 28 by Embrace It Africa and Rotaract.

The idea for the collaboration came from Rotaract, who contacted Embrace it Africa to co-host an event together. Campus Activities Board later became involved after discovering the two clubs planned to have their event at the same time as their scheduled 90’s night.

“We planned on having a 90’s night that was sponsored by GP Entertainment,” said Riley Eike, junior and vice president of the Campus Activities Board. “Embrace it Africa and Rotaract were open to having us co-run it.”

For a $3 entrance fee that went directly towards Embrace it Africa, there were various activities for students to participate in.

“With the money that we have raised today, it will go towards supporting communities in Uganda, Mikwano Microfinance, Hajj Sponsorship Program, and those who were affected by HIV/AIDs,” said Amanda Saeli, junior and vice president of Embrace it Africa. “At first, we were going back and forth between giving 25 percent of it to Rotaract and 75 percent to Embrace it Africa, but we came to the decision that it would all go to Embrace it Africa.”

Students could play trivia and choose between 90’s categories that included television, movies, pop culture and sports for a specific year to win various prizes. Some of the 90’s themed prizes given out were a Beanie Baby, a free online game trial, a Power Rangers Action Figure, Titanic on VHS, Daffy Duck from Space Jam, Phil from Rugrats and a comic book still in the packaging.

Nine Deez Nite, a 90’s cover band, performed hit songs from the decade.

The ‘90s cover band, Nine Deez Nite, was invited by CAB through the company GP Entertainment. The group played some nostalgic hits from groups such as Hootie & the Blowfish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Eve 6, The Rembrants and Will Smith.

“This was a great way to kick off Spring Weekend and help the raise money for Embrace it Africa at the same time,” said Rachel Pelsang. “It was nice to have an indoor event, since it was raining,” said Pelsang, a freshman and bioinformatics major. “The band was the best part. They were playing some really great throwback 90’s jams.”

‘90s game consoles were provided as an additional reminiscent feature. Students played against each other in games like Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. During their intermission, one of the members of Nine Deez Nite played the video games against some students.

Students who attended the event thought that it was a good start to Spring Weekend, given that the weekend calls for rain.

“This is a good start because it gets everyone pumped up,” said Eike. “It also promotes the Rathskeller because it is open during Spring Weekend, and since the weather is not promising, it is a way to get out of the rain.”

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