Students share Netflix favorites as new seasons added

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By Dalton Lord

It’s a new season, but it’s not just a different sight outdoors. New shows are premiering on television, and new seasons of veteran shows are as well. It’s also the time when Netflix brings new series and seasons to its lineup.

Seeing as how not everyone can watch prime-time shows at night, students log on to Netflix and binge a show whenever they’re available. The students at St. Bonaventure University shared what they like to watch on Netflix.

Stephen Wilt, a freshman journalism and mass communication major, likes to watch American Horror Story on Netflix.

“It’s very interesting and addicting. You can’t keep your eyes off it,” Wilt said.

Television critics would agree, as the show has a 77 percent average rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Ken Tucker, an Entertainment Weekly television critic, commented that the series was scarier than other dramas.

“Unlike most scary TV shows (and movies), which rely upon the rhythm of a few quiet scenes followed by a boo! fright every 20 minutes or so, AHS is pretty much all scare,” Tucker said.

The first four seasons of the show are available to stream with the fifth one expected to be added soon. The sixth season will begin airing on September 14 on FX

Harley Anderson, a freshman journalism and mass communication major, recommended NBC’s, The Office, for those who want to watch something funny. The comedy has earned a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 87 percent as well as the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006.

Nathan Rabin, reviewer for The A.V. Club, praised the show on how it duplicated the success of the original version that aired in the United Kingdom.

The cast of NBC’s The Office. [Image retrieved from The AV Club]
“The American Office is that rarest of anomalies: a remake of a classic show that both does right by its source and carves out its own strong identity,” Rabin said.

It may no longer be airing new episodes, but all nine seasons are available for old viewers to relive all the fun and for new viewers to watch something new.

Kate Dinmore, a junior elementary education major, described medical dramedy, Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, as a complete thriller.

Since its time on the air the show has earned an average rating of 84 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and Edie Falco’s role as Jackie Peyton won her the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2010.

When the show premiered in 2009, Emily Nussbaum, a writer for New York Magazine, praised the show for its portrayal of Jackie.

“She’s a charismatic cipher, a con woman in the scrubs of a saint—loving but manipulative, with a trickster’s impulses,” Nussbaum said.

All of seven seasons of Nurse Jackie are on Netflix, but because not every show stays on Netflix’s lineup forever viewers should watch it while they can.

These shows have been on Netflix for a while, but there are many more shows Netflix doesn’t stream yet that will soon be available on its roster. It will include the latest seasons of The Walking Dead, Family Guy and Hawaii Five-0, as well as the first seasons of Luke Cage, Supergirl and Galavant.

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