Women’s basketball: Maycock ready to live up to the hype

(Photo Credit: St. Bonaventure Athletics)

By Josh Svetz @Svetz17

For sophomore Mckenna Maycock, freshman year provided a humbling learning curve.

A former two-time New York State Class C Player of the Year, Maycock came into the fold with tremendous hype. Despite this, she was regularly limited in her playing time due to the presence of guards Emily Michael and Nyla Rueter.

“Last year I was completely nervous going into every single game, going to practice,” Maycock said. “And now that I know what is expected of me I feel well prepared.”

Maycock will have to be prepared, as both Michael and Rueter have departed the team due to graduation. Still, she was itching for minutes last year, until she saw how good the team played.

“I was initially upset,” said Maycock. “But when I realized the talent we had on the team I didn’t have one complaint because everyone was so good and our team did so well with going to the tournament.”

But now, she believes she’s ready to take the next step thanks to overall growth and excellent mentors.

“The seniors last year were just amazing,” said Maycock. “They really helped me transition.”

While her high school numbers of 27.5 points per game, 10.4 rebounds per game and 5.2 assists per game suggest a major upgrade to her role, Maycock is staying humble.

“I’ll do whatever (coach Jesse Fleming) asks me to do,” said Maycock. “I won’t give up on any plays.”

The biggest challenge Maycock faced came from former head coach Jim Crowley, who recruited her to play for Bonaventure. Not only did Crowley jump ship for Providence, he took almost his whole coaching staff with him.

“Initially, I was nervous,” Maycock said. “I didn’t know where my career was going to go and what was going to happen, but I’m comfortable now. The new transition has been really good so far.”

In terms of the system differences, Maycock said she hasn’t had too much trouble.

“The offensive concepts are a little different,” she said. “It’s a little faster, but we still run an open offense and the emphasis on working hard has remained.”

Fleming has been impressed with Maycock so far.

“She brings excellent energy, rebounds well, and makes hustle plays,” he said. “No one’s going to outwork her.”

The real question though is how good such a young team with a new coaching staff be. If you ask Maycock, she’ll tell you they’ll be just fine.

“People think because we’re young we aren’t going to have that great of a season,” she noted. “But I think we have the talent. I think we’ll be better than expected.”

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