Bree Paulson Brings Big Asperations in Short Time with Bonnies

By: Sean Lynch

Junior transfer Bree Paulson is hitting her stride in her first season as a member of the brown and white. Through 8 games before her shoulder injury, Paulson is averaging 7.4 points per game, 2.3 rebounds per game and an assist per game.

Paulson was drawn to St. Bonaventure as a program for both academics and athletic purposes.

“Being that it was a new program, I looked forward to building it and give it that name it was starting to get,” Paulson said. “They are pretty credible in the medical field, so that was also a draw for me.”

Paulson felt her time spent in junior college became an important part of her development as a player.

“I’ve grown as a player and as a person on and off the court,” she said. “I want to be that player that comes in and makes an impact right away instead of taking a few years to develop, so junior college definitely prepared me to do that.”

In two years at Western Nebraska Community College, Paulson played 60 games while averaging 9.7 points and 3.7 rebounds per game.

“Coming out of high school, I was good, but I realized there’s time and other things that could be developed, so junior college was the right decision,” she said.

Paulson explained the transition to Division I has not been too difficult because of the level of play in junior college.

“I would say yes, but at the same no because a lot of girls in junior college are planning on going to Division I, so your pretty much playing against players that have that ambitions and those abilities to play at a higher level,” she said.

Paulson hails from a sports family. Her brothers Ryan and Logan both played college football. Ryan played football for United States Naval Academy and Logan currently plays for City College of San Francisco.

“Sports are pretty much all we know,” she said. “Athletics is one of the biggest things that keeps us together as a family just because we are able to understand each other on that level. Without it, we wouldn’t be who we are.”


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